You are in a distant future, in a time that has made space travel the order of the day and in which extraterrestrial life forms regularly make contact with us. Humans have built stations and civilizations on almost every planet in all sorts of galaxies and solar systems. But there are still some secrets that the universe denies us. Only a few know about the treasures hidden in the farthest corners of space. And you are one of them! All you need is a little bit of luck and the right constellation of symbols.


The principle of this slot game is all too familiar. With one click, you spin the five reels and wait for them to stop. Three or more identical symbols must appear consecutively on at least one of the ten paylines in order for you to be paid a win. To find out how high your profit will be for which characters, you can call up the paytable at any time.

All important information about the respective symbols is listed there. There are no scatter or wild symbols at Winstar, but the game offers you something else: a progressive jackpot! And because that’s not enough, you also have the opportunity to win 500x your stake. But all step by step!


Anyone who is familiar with the gambling industry knows that the payout expectation is a decisive criterion when choosing a favorite. At Thenextright, the percentages rank high on every game and Winstar is of course no exception. Here, the RTP is 96.43%. This is out of this world!

An enticing feature of Winstar is the progressive jackpot. If all five reels turn golden, it means you’ve hit the jackpot and now you’ll have a considerable sum credited to your account. This can happen with every spin and every bet!

On each spin, 4% of your bet will be added to the increasing jackpot and 0.4% will go into an invisible reserve pot. Because as soon as a jackpot is cracked, it falls back to the sum in the reserve pot. In addition, there can also be several winners. But don’t worry! The jackpot is big enough for everyone.

Even experienced space pilots are lost without coordinates. We’ll now explain which symbol line-up will give you the highest win and what other hidden surprises Winstar has to offer!