You’re standing in front of an old, dark house. Through the dirty window panes, only a pale candlelight falls outside. You walk hesitantly towards the building, surrounded by billowing fog – or maybe more? The white veils seem to be watching you and making faces in the air… Your steps are becoming more and more reluctant, something can’t be right here. Do you dare? Would you enter this place of horror in the hope of winning a €10,000 jackpot? Then prove your courage! Apart from scary visitors, a few other surprises are waiting for you: Fruits as far as the eye can see: From cherries to strawberries to sour lemons,

There really is something for every taste in the Fruit Slider slot. Among them are gemstones, stars, and sevens, which are the special topping in the fruit salad, so to speak, and give you a very special kick. As befits a real fruit cocktail, it must be mixed well – that’s exactly what the lucrative fruit slide is for! Create your own drink with Fruit Slider and become a professional cocktail mixer yourself – let’s see what your specialty becomes!


Ghost Slider is based on the easy-to-understand gameplay of each slot. Five reels are set in motion with one click. When stopped, the symbols on it can lead to a win. This depends on the ten paylines, which determine the required order of the symbols. Three matching symbols are enough for a win!

However, the winning streak doesn’t stop there. The winning symbols vanish into thin air as if by magic, and the gap left behind is filled by slipping symbols. Of course, these can lead to a new winning combination. Ten free spins are triggered if a winning combination is created four times in a row. A replay is possible up to a maximum of 50 free spins.

You can bet between €0.10 up to a maximum bet of €20.00. This makes a jackpot of €10,000 possible!

But be careful because in this haunted house, you will never remain unobserved! The paintings of three young men constantly accompany you. Standing alone, they are completely powerless, but once they can use their powers as wild symbols, they interfere with the other symbol combinations. As a wild, it can substitute for any other symbol and thus enable completely new winning combinations! If this is the case, the paintings suddenly come to life. A ghost suddenly rises from the oil base and flies straight towards the player!


The RTP on Ghost Slider is 95.91%. This is much higher than that of stationary slot machines, whose rate is usually between 70 and 80%. As is typical for Mercury, the winnings can be increased again in a gamble option. If you guess the next suit correctly in this card game, your previous win of the round will be doubled.

If you make the wrong choice, you lose everything. Therefore, Risk gamblers can take advantage of an additional chance of winning in this additional round. In addition, the features already mentioned so far significantly increase the probability of winning.