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The Vikings have come a long way. Even on their wanderings across the sea, they had to brave some dangers. And all this in order to find the legendary treasure. Finally, they have reached the island of their dreams. Once ashore, they take a look back at their ship – which is being eaten by a gigantic squid! Now there is no way back. Alongside the three brave heroes, you’ll have to fight your way through snow and ice to reach the sacred temple. Are you ready for all the dangers that lie in waiting for you?


The basic principle of the Viking Age is very simple and absolutely beginner-friendly. The slot consists of five reels. Each round proceeds as follows: you set your bet, press the SPIN button, and the reels spin. Did you make a profit? This will be communicated to you automatically! To do this, at least three identical symbols must be visible. From some illustrations, even two copies are enough to regain a part of your bet. But watch out! The matching symbols must all be on the same payline to really result in a payout. You can choose up to 30 paylines. For more paylines, you’ll pay a higher bet. On the other hand, your chances of making a profit at all also increase! So much for the basic principle. With this strong crew, it is, of course, clear that there are still some specials waiting for you.

The winged Viking helmet is a key to deciphering the enchanted druid stones. If you find the helmet three times on the reels, then you can choose one of the druidic symbols to reveal its secret. Behind the symbol, there can be all kinds of bonuses, for example, instant wins, free spins, or direct access to the bonus round! The bonus round is usually achieved when you can see the armshake symbol three times on the reels and is a thrilling duel between two mighty Vikings. You’ll witness an unforgettable arm-wrestling duel where any outcome is possible. If you have bet on the winner, you can look forward to a win!

Of course, the invincible leader of the Vikings, Amma, also has a bonus ready. If it appears on the reels at least three times, it will delight you with the “Multiplier Free Spins” feature. During the free spins, Amma took a closer look at the druid stones to the right and left of the reels and found that they were connected to a hidden mechanism. The druid stones each show three different multipliers. If, during a win in a free round, the corresponding payline starts and ends with the same multiplier, then this multiplier will be activated, and your winnings will increase enormously!


The theoretical payout to the player in the Viking Age slot is 94.4%. All winnings are paid from left to right. Only the highest possible win is paid out per payline. Of course, if there are wins on different paylines, they will be added together.

Of course, the amount of your win also depends on the type of symbol that leads to the win.

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