The red dragon you will encounter in Chinese Dragon embodies a kind of deity in Chinese mythology. Sometimes it appears as a red-hot cloud in the sky, sometimes it rises from a volcano breathing fire or causes great damage as a conflagration sweeping through forests. Due to his capricious nature, it is advisable to temper him from time to time with offerings. He will certainly like it very much if you play with high stakes, and if the mystical being is well-disposed towards you, it can help you to fantastic winnings. According to a Chinese legend, it was the red dragon that once brought fire to people, giving them a valuable tool against cold and darkness. In addition to the dragon, much more awaits you in Chinese Dragon.


As usual, you can get the reels rolling by clicking on the Spin button. Shortly thereafter, they will stop again at a random place. When you activate the Auto Spin mode, you can sit back and relax as the reels continue spinning round after round, and you don’t have to initiate each spin anew with its own click. To activate one of the ten paylines, you need at least three of the same symbols appearing next to each other on a line.

The symbols are counted from left to right. With each win, the symbols start to glow and the images start moving. You can vary the stake between 10 cents and twenty euros. If you have won something and are not playing in autospin mode, you have the choice between cards and ladder risk. Here you can multiply your profit once again. However, as the name suggests, this feature comes with a certain amount of risk, so you can lose everything and come away empty-handed.


The chances of winning in an online casino are significantly higher than in a brick-and-mortar casino. So it’s definitely worth taking a look at our casino. In addition, you can play from the comfort of your own home and don’t have to drive to the nearest casino. It is even possible to play mobile on your mobile phone.

Imagine how awesome it would be if you made fat profits while waiting for the bus, for example. The chance of winning is quite high in Chinese Dragon. The average payout percentage is 95.84%. You can find out how much each symbol can give you in the following symbol description.